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Everything You Want to Know About Kirkatures (But were afraid to ask)

Kirkatures are appealing cartoon portraits that bring out the best in everyone!

Lucky enough to be born with a last name perfect for either a caricature artist or a spaceship captain, Adam Kirk settled on a career in the arts when he realized that his drawing skills surpassed his knowledge of interplanetary navigation.  An alumnus of Sheridan College’s BAA Animation program in Oakville Ontario, Kirk has traveled as far as Beijing China to make films, has worked as a storyboard artist and animator for tv shows, teaches film making at MTYP and has been drawing caricatures under the name Kirkatures since 2011. Kirkatures took the Fringe Festival by storm and have been appearing at parties, festivals, craft sales, trade shows, weddings, after grads, birthdays and other events across Canada ever since. There is a lot that Kirkatures has to offer for all your cartooning needs, including...


-LIVE Events


Kirkatures is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Send a message with the time and date of your upcoming event to find out if Kirk is available to draw you and your guests. A friendly caricature artist at your next function is a great way to entertain friends, family, coworkers and everyone on your guest list. The price to have Kirkatures draw at an event is $100 per hour and he can draw about fifteen faces per hour. Alternatively, the host can pay nothing and anyone who wants to be drawn can pay $20 per person for their Kirkature. Each drawing is done on 8.5x11 card stock paper with a pencil and a Sharpie.


-Custom Cartooning Projects


Kirkatures is always ready to take on any caricaturing or cartooning projects drawn either in person or from photographs. Perfect for cards, gifts, teams, tshirts or advertising. These can be drawn either traditionally on paper or digitally on a Cintiq. The price and quality is the same for either method. Pricing varies depending on the amount of work, but the general guidelines for custom projects are $20 per basic black and white face, plus $20 for a unique background and double the total to add colour. Let Kirk know what you are looking for and he will work with you to make your vision a reality for a fair and negotiable price.


-Digital Art


Upgrade your Kirkature event booking by going digital! Kirkatures is equipped with a fully functional digital art setup consisting of an iMac and Wacom Cintiq 22HD, which is a tablet monitor that lets him draw directly on the screen. Inquire about having this setup brought to your event and have drawings printed instantly and also emailed directly to your guests' inbox for an extra $150. This option is only available for indoor events with access to electricity and wifi.


Payments can be made by cash, email money transfer or cheque made out to Adam Kirk. Send a message to to book Kirkatures today!

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